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Print FAQs

What does all day mean?
When we say we will be there all day we really mean it.

There are no extra costs, no negotiations - we will turn up
when you want us to get there, and we will leave when you
want us to leave.

You might not want pictures right to the bitter end -
people do start to look a bit frazzled as the night goes on,
but that's up to you!

Simple as that.

How many photographers will attend.
You will get one photographer.

When available, an additional photographer rate of 400 applies.

You don't need two photographers unless you
wants photos of different things that happen at the same
time! Like
the bride getting ready, and the groom and ushers looking
nervous, before the ceremony.

Can I print my own images?
Yes. Absolutely.

All the digital images we supply on the included CD are
suitable for printing either at home or at a professional
print lab.

That said, we would bee more than happy to serve any
printing needs you have.

Who can see the website of my wedding?
Anyone you like.

We would recommend leaving it open for all to view - it
is simply easier than sending out passwords to all your
family and friends.

That said, we are more than happy to password protect any
wedding site.

Wedding sites will be linked to from the recent weddings
list in the wedding section of the ashmorevisuals website,
although people can go directly to your wedding site if you
supply them with the particular URL which we will make known
to your guests at the wedding.

The wedding sites are self contained mini websites and for a
fee we can supply them in there entirety for you to put up
on your own web site.

Can't I just have a copy of all the photos you take on the
wedding day?
The fully finished selection of 100 full resolution digital
images we supply you will be a wonderful set of photos
covering the entire wedding.

We'll have done the hard work of going through all the
images taken to get just the absolute best for you.

But if you want the other unprocessed images that's fine. 

What about proofing?
Our philosophy is to make all aspects of your wedding
photography as painless as possible for the bride and groom.

We do all the hard work - that is what you are paying for.

With that in mind we don't send a set of all the photos
taken on the day for you to trawl through and then agonise
over choosing a tiny number of them (else pay through the
nose for small prints). 

We believe that we can choose 100 photos from your wedding
that provide a perfectly balanced reflection of the day.

If someone is missing from our selection then all you need
do is let us know and we will sort it out. For no extra
charge. We want you to be happy with our photography so
you'll recommend us to all your friends!

We will send you an electronic proof of any deluxe albums
and revisions are included in the cost of the album.

Booking and reserving a date.
A date is reserved by 400 deposit.

This is only refundable if we are able to get an alternative
booking in place of any cancellations. In such circumstances
there will be a full refund.

The balance is due, in cleared form, before the wedding.

Please note, any costs for ordered items - E.G. deluxe
albums or prints do not need to be paid prior to the
wedding. However, goods will not be ordered until payment is
cleared for such items.

What are your prices?
We create a specific and perfectly tailored wedding package
for each wedding we have the honour of photographing.

That said you probably want to know what sort of prices you
will be looking at paying if you choose us for your special day.

Here are some guide lines so you can see if we offer the
kind of service you are looking for.


This gives you photographer attendance all day at the
wedding and 100 fully processed photos presented to you on
our website and on a CD as full resolution digital files. We
also provide you with a complimentary digital print album.


An additional photographer, when available, can help
capture a wider range of moments on the wedding day -
allowing for images of both the bride getting ready and the
groom arriving at the church, or perhaps the different
perspectives of the brides entrance. Up to 400.

A common choice would be for a stunning hand finished deluxe
wedding album, perhaps combined with some smaller versions
for parents or friends. These albums are only available to
professional photographers and are truly stunning.

Prices for deluxe albums start around 500.

If you are too busy being newly-wed to bother with
organising your own printing from the digital files that we
provide we would be delighted to source you or your family
and friends any size or format print available.
Paper, acrylic, canvas - anything. While we will charge a
little for our time we aim to keep our prices as competitive
as possible.

Additional photo products. If there is something you want,
talk to us about it. We'll go off and do all the hard work
and find the best products for you. Mugs, mouse mats,
posters, calendars, DVD slide shows, anything.

Here are some of the other possibilities;

Maybe a surprise iPod touch pre-loaded with all your wedding
photos as a surprise for your new husband?

How about a digital picture frame pre-loaded with all your
wedding photos for your new wife's desk?

A popular choice are separate day and night albums - one for
the ceremony and reception and then a less formal album to
show off the more relaxed atmosphere at the party.

Photo products can be expensive so we are pleased to offer
any of our products, or vouchers towards the cost of our
products or service, as wedding gifts. These can be
complemented with beautiful gift cards to provide your
guests with something to personalise and present to you. 

If you have a large number of wedding guests or a venue that
deserves additional photos to be taken, you may want to
increase the number of fully finished photographs we provide
to you - we do this in batches of 100 at 400 per batch.

What locations will you cover?
We work out of Kenilworth.

For venues further than 20 miles away from CV8 there will be
an additional charge for travel costs incurred, based on

For venues a substantial distance away we may need to stay
over the night before, again incurring an additional charge.